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Brave Settings


  • Enable First Party Storage Cleanup support: enabled
  • Enable Brave Wallet: disabled
  • Strict-Origin-Isolation: enabled

Get started

  • Continue where you left off: on
  • New tab page shows: homepage


  • Show home button: on
  • Show bookmarks button: on
  • Show bookmarks: always
  • Show news button: off
  • Show brave rewards button: off
  • Show brave wallet button: off
  • Show sidebar butoon: off
  • Always show full URLs: on


  • Trackers & ads blocking: aggressive
  • Upgrade connections to HTTPS: strict
  • Block scripts: off
  • Block fingerprinting: strict
  • Block cookies: only cross-site
  • Forget me when I close this site: on
  • Content filtering
    • EasyList Cookie
    • Fanboy's Annoyances
    • Fanboy's Social
    • Fanboy's Anti-Newsletter
    • Fanboy's Mobile Notifications
    • Fanboy's Anti-chat Apps
    • uBlock Annoyances
    • Bypass Paywalls Clean Filters
  • Show the number of blocked items on the Shields icon: on
  • Auto-redirect AMP pages: on
  • Auto redirect tracking URLs: on
  • Prevent sites from fingerprinting me based on my language preferences: on
  • Allow use of third-party cookies for legacy google sign-in: off
  • Allow facebook logins and embedded posts: off
  • Allow twitter embedded tweets: off
  • Allow linkedin embedded posts: off

Privacy and security

  • WebRTC IP handling policy: disable
  • Use google services for push messaging: off
  • Allow privacy-preserving product analytics: off
  • Automatically send daily usage ping to brave: off
  • Automatically send diagnostic reports: off
  • Clear browsing data
    • On exit: browsing history, download history, passwords, autofill
  • Third-party cookies
    • Block third-party cookies: enabled
    • Send a "do not track" request with your browsing traffic: off
  • Security
    • Standard protection: enabled
    • Use secure DNS: disabled
    • Manage V8 security
      • Sites can use the V8 optimizer: disabled
  • Private window with tor: off


  • Default ethereum wallet: extensions (no fallback)
  • Default solana wallet: extensions (no fallback)
  • Enable NFT discovery: off
  • Automatically pin NFTs: off
  • Method to resolve IPFS: off
  • IPFS public gateway fallback: off
  • Automatically redirect requests for IPFS network resources to the configured gateway: off
  • IPFS companion: off


  • Show Leo icon in the sidebar: off
  • Show Leo in the context menu on websites: off

Search engine

  • Normal Window - Search engine used in the address bar: searx
  • Private Window - Search engine used in the address bar: searx
  • Improve search suggestions: off
  • Web discovery project: off
  • Index other search engines: off
  • Manage search engines: add searx and piped


  • Allow google login for extensions: off
  • Hangouts: off
  • Media router: off
  • Webtorrent: off
  • Widevine: off
  • Manage extensions
    • Bitwarden
      • Auto-fill
        • Show auto-fill menu on form fields: when field is selected
        • Make bitwarden your default password manager: on
        • Auto-fill on page load: off
        • Default URI match detection: host
      • Vault timeout action: on browser restart
      • Options
        • Everything: on
    • Dark reader
    • Floccus
      • Server target: /Bookmarks
    • Redirector: import
    • SmartProxy: import

Autofill and passwords

  • All: off


  • Continue running background apps when Brave is closed: off
  • Use graphics acceleration when available: on

Last update: 2024-05-07
Created: 2024-04-05